France, the United States and Mexico, among the main hosts of the best flamenco festivals outside Spain in 2023.


Imagine the imposing rhythm of the heel tapping on the stage, the intimate strumming of a guitar, the singing that seems to come from an unknown background. Imagine dancers filling the stage with colour in their frilly dresses and costumes. Now, imagine that scene multiplied by dozens or even hundreds, against the backdrop of different cultures and landscapes. That’s the charm of the flamenco festivals that are not only held in Spain.

Because there are international festivals of great prestige that are already essential for flamenco enthusiasts, scholars and artists alike. Let’s review them with you. Shall we go on a trip?

Arles FlamencA Festival (France)

In the historic city of Arles it has consolidated FlamencA (with A), one of the French flamenco festivals that has attracted the most international attention in recent years. For this 6th edition, which will take place from 29 July to 14 August, Arles will enjoy a programme of artistic events. is very varied: concerts of traditional flamenco, singing, dancing and guitar, recitals of the purest flamenco, flamenco fashion shows, exhibitions, screenings, music and poetry evenings, training courses and master classes with great masters in many disciplines.

Blue Festival (France)

The Blue Festival will be held for the 5th time this year, from 29 March to 23 April. Located on the French Riviera, five years have been enough to consolidate one of the most important flamenco gatherings in the country. Invited artists are confirmed via their website.

Festivals Flamencos: Blue

Flamenco festivals in the USA:Albuquerque (New Mexico)

It is one of the longest-running international festivals, celebrating its 36th edition in 2023 between 9 and 17 June. “The purpose of this project is to preserve and promote the art, history and culture of flamenco among the national and international communities”, explains the organisation.

Alburquerque Flamenco

Flamenco Art in Mont-de-Marsan (France)

The French summer has another flamenco event in Mont-de-Marsan, where the Festival Arte Flamenco has been held since 1989.where local and international artists converge to honour the flamenco legacy. A festival that is characterised by being eco-sustainable and offer some of the most resonant shows in the country.

Flamenco Ibérica Festival (Mexico)

With more than 600 artists and 120,000 guests,the most acclaimed flamenco festival in Mexico With more than 600 artists and 120,000 guests, Mexico’s most acclaimed flamenco festival. From 8 to 15 July, the festival will bring together artists from the current flamenco scene, including, as the festival has already revealed, bailaores such as Alejandro Granados, Javier Latorre and Oscar Quero. If you are in Mexico, you can’t miss it!

Ibérica in Mexico

FlamencA, among the festivals with the most personality

The Arles Flamenco Festival defends the purest values of singing and guitar playing, while offering a place to dance at the end of each recital. Always with the aim and desire to discover high quality young artists, the future stars of flamenco, alongside the best of the moment. The woman is the protagonist in the programme of artists.