From Arcos de la Frontera, a unique experience in the world of flamenco dance arises thanks to Fabiola Barba. This talented dancer and passionate flamenco dance teacher brings with her exceptional dexterity and vibrant energy that captivates audiences around the world.

Fabiola Barba stands out for her strength and personality in the dance of a versatile repertoire that encompasses various flamenco styles. In this show, she is backed by impressive singers and a corps de ballet made up of two young dancers of immense talent.

Her performance is a captivating fusion of impeccable technique and the deep emotional connection that characterizes flamenco.

Fabiola Barba and her interpretation of various flamenco styles

Originally from Cadiz, Fabiola Barba radiates authenticity and strength in every step she takes. His mastery of palos such as soleĂĄ por bulerĂ­as, tientos, martinete, seguiriya, fandangos and tangos demonstrates the richness of the flamenco tradition that he carries in his heart.

Every movement tells a story, every stomp resonates with the passion ingrained in her being. Fabiola Barba not only carries the flame of flamenco on stage, but also shares her knowledge as a teacher, inspiring new generations to explore the magic and unique expression offered by this ancient art.

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