It could not be held this summer, as planned, but it was worth it. The III Flamenco Biennial of Cádiz, Jerez and Los Puertos will celebrate a tribute to the cantaor Juan Villar with great figures of the moment. The show promises to be one of the memorable ones.


The cantaor Juan Villar, a living legend of flamenco, is headlining the III Biennial of Cádiz, Jerez and Los Puertos from October 1 to November 30.

This third edition will be held in 8 locations in the Community of Cádiz with more than twenty shows, as well as different exhibitions and conferences.

Appointment with Juan Villar

Since he began in his youth in the painting Los chavalillos gaditanos, Juan Villar has added more than 50 years of career, stepping on stages around the world and obtaining different recognitions. The last one will be received next November, the Manolo Sanlúcar International Flamenco Prize.

Hence, the Biennial wanted to pay tribute to the artist from Cádiz, being the protagonist of a great gala that will take place on October 31 at the Palacio de Congresos de Cádiz. Villar and his family will be with Antonio Canales, Alonso Núñez Rancapino Chico, Caracolillo de Cádiz, Samuel Serrano, May Fernández, Laura Vital, Manuel Jero and Paco León.

Cadiz Biennial Poster

In and around Juan Villar

The capital of Cadiz will host a singing recital by Anabel Rivera and another with the saga of Juan Villar, both at the La Merced Cultural Center.

This space will also house an exhibition of paintings by the artist Miguel Heredia and another photographic, with images donated by the Peña flamenca Juan Villar, both with a theme about the artist.

For his part, Félix Rodríguez will hold the conference “Juan Villar, el duende de lo jondo” in the flamenco club that bears his name, where there will also be a singing recital by Caracolillo de Cádiz and Miguel Salado.

The Biennial in Chiclana, San Fernando and Sanlúcar

In Chiclana, on October 6 and at the Teatro Moderno, the dance company of David Nieto and Paula Sierra will present “Alma”. On October 20, on the same stage, Selu del Puerto and Alvaró Galán will be the protagonists of the show “Flamencólicos”.

San Fernando,with the journalist of Radio Nacional de España Joaquín López Bustamante, he will host a conference on the gypsy lexicon of Camarón in his songs. In addition, on October 14, at the cultural center of Camarón, there will be a singing recital by Pedrín García and Carmen de la Jara.

If we go to Sanlucar de Barrameda, on October 27, the Manolo Sanlúcar auditorium will host “Fuente de inspiración”, a dance show by Cristina Aldón. A day later, in the same auditorium, Tomasa Guerrero La Macanita, along with Manolo Valencia, will be the protagonists. And on October 29, the Biennial will say goodbye to this town with the guitar recital of Carlos Pérez.

We are going to El Puerto, Algeciras and

Already in November, the Rosa Butler cultural center of Puerto Real It will host on the 10th a recital by the dance schools of the town. On November 17, in the same cultural center, a recital of singing by Susana Romero.

That same day, but in the municipal museum of Algeciras, will take place the conference “The influence of the bullfighters of Cádiz in flamenco”, by Guillermo Boto, putting the flamenco sounds the artist Carmen de la Jara.

And from Campo de Gibraltar to the Bay. On November 24, the Monastery of the Victory of The Port It will host a show by the dance schools of the port town. A day later, on the same stage, May Fernández and Anabel Rosado.

Already in Sherry, on November 16, the Peña Flamenca Feminista LGTBI La Lola will host a dance recital by Paula Sierra. La Guarida del Ángel will be the scene, on the one hand, of a conference by the flamencologist José María Castaño; on the other, a recital by Antonio Agujetas Chico and José Carpio El Mijita, accompanied on guitar by Domingo Rubichi.

If you like the singing of Juan Villar, his show “Fiesta de la Parpuja” will excite you. It is available in ALL FLAMENCO. We leave you his trailer on the right and the complete program in the link.