The tablao is in a carmen, which makes it enchanting. The programming is quite good and the prices are reasonable. Three ingredients that have made Jardines de Zoraya fashionable.

Jardines de Zoraya is probably the most successful tablao in Granada, with the permission of Los Tarantos, the dean of the dozen flamenco establishments of this type. The reviews on the internet say that there is not always room if you don’t call well in advance, even though it has a capacity of more than 200 people. Filling it every day and putting on shows both day and night is not something that just any entertainment venue can do. Oh! And then there are the gastronomic menus that accompany the performances.

Of course, it has some advantages. Its location is enviable, right in the old and unique Albaicín neighborhood, less than two kilometers from the Alhambra. This part of the city is magical, with narrow winding streets, small squares and slopes.

Albaicín neighbourhood. Image: Granadatour

Barrio del Albaicín. Foto: Granadatour

A very, very Andalusian tablao

Much of the character of the Albaicín lies in the particular construction typical of the neighborhood, the houses with orchards and garden called cármenes. The walls are impregnable from the outside, but they are surprising when you enter because they conceal Nasrid-style gardens imbued with vegetation. The coolness of the water running in its fountains is appreciated in a Granada that is quite hot.

The vast majority of these houses of Muslim origin are now privately owned. However, it is an ideal location for entertainment venues or hotels, so you will see more than one such business. By the way, it is best to use the city buses for this tourist area; the car is not practical at all.

This is the case of Jardines de Zoraya. It shares its walls with the Church of El Salvador and in two minutes you can reach the Mirador de San Nicolás. The restaurant has an indoor dining room for 100 people, an outdoor patio for 130 people, and a classic tapas bar. Of course, when the sun begins to set, sitting at the tables in the garden and savouring the views of the Alhambra is a moment to remember..

We are delighted that this question is being asked and also answered:

Is the tablao a place for tourists? Jardines de Zoraya has been offering flamenco and gastronomy for more than a decade to all lovers of art and culture. Our house is an open-door space for all those who are looking for a unique experience in Granada.

The guitarist José Fermín Fernández.

El tocaor José Fermín Fernández.

Gastronomy in Granada
Raquel Heredia "La Repompa" in a performance.
Jardines of Zoraya
Jardines tablao

The flamenco of Jardines de Zoraya

Every day, this tablao offers two flamenco shows (20:00 and 22:00) and, depending on the season, Saturdays and Sundays at 15:00. They last 60 minutes and are performed by 5 artists who cover flamenco singing, guitar playing and dancing.

They are regular tablao performers, but sometimes they bring big names. Pepe Fernández and Antonio Gómez El Turry usually sing; Raúl Ortega and Raquel Heredia La Repompa dance; and Fermín Fernández and Roque Acevedo play the guitar.

The price of the shows is around €25, but if you add a menu for dinner while watching the performance, it’s around €50 on average. Anyway, it depends on the type of menu, because they usually have a simpler one, based on the typical tapas of this city, for about 20 €, and up to the proposed 45 €.

Expansion to Málaga

The same owner who founded Jardines de Zoraya in 2008 has brought the tablao concept to Málaga. The name of the venue is different, Alegría, but the prices, the style of the place, the choreography of the shows… just like in the tablao in Granada. That is traditional Andalusian cuisine.

At the time of going to press, the line-up included Triana Maciel and Niño de las Reyes on dance, Miguel Ángel Núñez Miguelón and Carmen Ruiz on vocals, and Camaron de Pitita on guitar.

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