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María Terremoto, a cantaora of lineage


María Fernández Benítez, or what is the same, María Terremoto is a young singer born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1999. Daughter of one of Jerez's leading singers, Fernando Fernández Pantoja "Fernando Terremoto" and granddaughter of Fernando Fernández Monge "Terremoto de Jerez", she grew up between songs and feelings.

Her childhood was marked by the art of flamenco, which is why, from a very young age, she was already singing with talent and showed great talent. When she was only one year old, she made her debut in a Zambomba in a neighbour's courtyard where she surprised all those present. And it was when she was only 8 years old that her father, considered by many to be one of the best cantaores in history, gave her a bulería in the family peña known as "Asociación cultural Fernando Terremoto". It was then that this artist of the new millennium made it clear that the flamenco saga of the Terremotos would be very much alive for many years to come.

Those who know her say that she is special because she masters different styles such as soleá, bulería, fandango and cantiñas, without losing sight of the present. Moreover, she does not only excel in cante. Thanks to the years she lived in Seville, María learned from the great bailaora Manuela Carrasco, whom she considers her third grandmother.

The consecration of María Terremoto
At the age of 16 she won the "Giraldillo" Artista Revelación at the XIX Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, becoming the youngest artist to receive this award. Undoubtedly, she won the respect and admiration of the audience who enjoyed her integrity and sobriety so uncommon in young people of her age.

It was after the award that María began to tour the different stages all over Spain as one of the most promising young cante artists, triumphing thanks to her astonishing abilities. María has her own way of expressing what she feels through this art, something that provokes an explosion of feelings for those who listen to her.

In 2018 she released her first solo album 'La huella de mi sentío', where she transmits all the art she has injected in her veins. 

La huella de mi sentío, María Terremoto's rounded album
"La huella de mi sentío', her first album, is one of her greatest professional challenges after being acclaimed by critics and described by different media as 'The standard bearer of young cante'.

Based on the songs that have accompanied her since she was a child, her first work is pure traditional flamenco and jondo, but with some songs that are more decorated and in keeping with the times in which she lives and the current sound of jondo art.

Earthquake in Spain, Europe and the United States
His songs full of feelings have reached very different corners of the world where fandangos are received as gifts from heaven. The way in which she expresses herself through her singing has permeated different cultures that see in her the deepest flamenco of our land. 

María burst into this art to be remembered and praised, baring her soul and demonstrating that the little girl that her father used to take to the tablaos is becoming a new legend in the saga of the Terremotos.

"Giradillo" to the "Artista Revelación" of the "XIX Bienal de Flamenco" of Seville (2016)
VI Edition of La Isla Flamenco City (2019)
City of Jerez Youth Award (2019)
Award to the New Creators" of the "Cultura Gitana 8 de Abril" (2021)
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