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Meet Macarena Ramirez the winner of the Spanish version of The Dancer


Macarena Ramirez is now living one of the sweetest moments of her career. Winner of the Spanish TV contest The Dancer a few weeks ago, Macarena is on everyone's lips, but how did she get here? For ALL FLAMENCO, the chiclanera was already stomping in 2018 when we decided to make her the tuning image of our channel. For us it was an honor to collaborate with her then and to talk to her again now in this exclusive interview.

Macarena Ramírez, before and after The Dancer
Macarena Ramírez, how many unexpected things have happened since 2018, right? Could you have imagined this series of events?

M.R.- The truth is that I did not imagine at all that everything I am living today was going to happen.

A.F.- After the pandemic, did you think you would return to the stage like this, what did you think when you were at home confined like everyone else?

M.R.- Well, none of this crossed my mind, when I was confined I only thought that I wanted to dance and I wanted to get on stage and if all this would happen someday, and look now, all the worst has happened with the COVID and I have won this wonderful prize that I never thought of presenting to a TV contest, but I have presented and I am the winner!!!!

A.F.- What project do you have now?

M.R.- Right now there are many projects in mind, the first one is to make my big show that we are in process and continue showing my flamenco all over the world.

A.F.- You have worked a lot in all the tablaos in Spain and also in Japan. How do you see the future of the tablaos, will they return to what they were?

M.R.- Yes, I believe that everything will return to its being, little by little we are returning, everything that begins always has an end and the COVID I believe that little by little its end is coming and little by little we will return to have the life of before.

A.F.- And how do you see yourself now that you are so well known?

M.R.- I am the same!!!! I have not changed anything personally, I am the same Macarena I always was!

A.F.- Spectacular costumes that you have worn in The Dancer, who created them? tell us the process of creation and inspiration?

M.R.- Well, I create it myself, I am always inspired by what I am going to dance and what I want to project to the audience, I imagine the dance I am going to dance with the costumes and that's how I get inspired...

A.F.- What would you say to so many other talents who have not been able to reach the final like you?

M.R.- Well, that they should never stop trying, that the struggle and sacrifice is something fundamental for Flamenco, you always have to fight every day to achieve goals or purposes.

Quick round of questions and answers to Macarena Ramirez:
-Your favorite palo: Alegrías de Cádiz with bata de cola and shawl.
-A song that is always in your head: Hablo Contigo by Niña Pastori.
An infallible exercise to de-stress: Yoga.
-A favorite singer, and a female singer: Caracol and La Paquera de Jerez.
-Is there a bailaora you would like to be like? I don't want to be like anyone, I want to be myself. Is there any bailaora or bailaor that you especially like? They are all incredible and I see something super special in each one of them, I love the different and the technique of Rocio Molina and the pure essence and strength of Manuela Carrasco, both very different but that's me, I love black and white.
-Tail coat or fan? Bata de cola
-Cane or cordobes hat?: Cordobes hat.