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Festival de Jerez streaming

Enjoy watching 25 Festival de Jerez from our app in any device pay-per-view with 48h viewing period


Between May 17th- 29th, ALL FLAMENCO will premiere different shows from the 25th Jerez Festival
The shows will be recorded as always in the highest quality, 4K. We will keep them on demand on the platform, so you can watch it whenever you want as soon as the show is available on ALL FLAMENCO. However, once you pay for it you can enjoy it for only 48 hours, so make sure that you will have time within the next 48h after you pay.
Due to their proximity to Festival, these shows will be treated as premium events so they only will be available through rental (TAQUILLA). Even if you already have a subscription plan, you will need to pay for this premium event. Rental mode is only available on the web, so if you want to watch the flamencoshow chosen in any of our apps you must make the payment in advance in our website www.allflamenco.net.
We will be sending newsletters as soon as each show is available in our platform, so you can decide when do you want to watch it.