We propose a magic show to share with the little ones or enjoy it mism@. A wonderful mix of circus and aerial, acrobatics, clown… that the Compañía Magia Flamenca presented at the XXIII National Contest of Flamenco Art of Córdoba.

Magic and flamenco music in a unique show

The Magia Flamenca Company was born a few years ago when its members were studying at the Flamencology Chair of the UCO.

After the success of several shows, they now show a new compilation work aimed at the little ones, a very attractive educational project with which, combining magic and music with theater techniques, they will take a tour of the different flamenco styles from humor and magic.

The magic song

The “cante mágico” is the hallmark of this Flamenco Magic Company. They are tanguillos from Cádiz, fandangos from Huelva, bulerías from Jerez… Or cantes de ida y vuelta, like guajiras and colombianas.

“Understanding flamenco as an energetic feeling, as a vital attitude, as a forceful position before life, we only had to try to transmit that vitality and wisdom to our youngest. A transversal emotional education, in these times that run from so much screen and so little human contact”, explain the members of this wonderful flamenco cabaret.