Her prodigious voice has brought La Macanita critical acclaim, Grammy nominations and sold out concerts.

La Macanita grew up in the Santiago neighbourhood of Jerez. With gypsy roots, he respects the orthodox patterns in his cante, but with his own personal touch. He never forgets his simple origins despite international recognition and numerous awards, including a fashion award. La Macanita has been defined as a “cantaora larga y llena de jondura, temple y pellizco”.

For flamenco experts, she is a worthy heiress of flamenco master voices such as La Paquera, Fernanda de Utrera or La Perla de Cádiz.

In this performance in Cádiz under the name of Mirando al Sur, La Macanita delves into her Jerez roots to play all the flamenco palos she has mastered. He is accompanied by Manuel Valencia (guitar), Carlos Merino (percussion), Chicharito (palmas), Javi Peña (palmas), Manuel Macano (palmas) and “La Reina Gitana” (piano).

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