There are several reasons why the La Isla Ciudad Flamenca festival should become your favourite: it is held in the birthplace of Camarón, the programme of artists and activities is luxurious and practically everything is free. It is the perfect event to celebrate flamenco as it deserves, face to face.

Festival La Isla Ciudad Flamenca 2023

The eighth edition of La Isla Ciudad Flamenca has just kicked off. Just as I write this post, on 21 July, the opening of the shows falls to Remedios Reyes, El Niño del Parque, and Pedro el Granaino, who told us how excited he is “to sing in the land of Camarón”. It is well known that the artist is one of the most “camaronero” singers. The event will take place at 22.00 in the Auditorium of Almirante Laulhe Park. Free of charge, as we have already mentioned.

The only thing that costs money at this festival are the performances at the well-known Venta de Vargas, among other reasons, because they include dinner. For example, on the 21st, Carolina Castilla gives a recital in this temple of flamenco at 23:00, the dinner included in the ticket starts at 21:00. Per person, that’s 60 euros.

La Isla Ciudad Flamenca is flamenco for everybody

But this is just an appetizer of what is to be experienced throughout the city of San Fernando for 42 days, with performances in such wonderful places as the Central Market, the Alameda or the Patio del Turco.

“The idea is that we can share Andalusian hospitality”, says Javier Fernández, coordinator of the event.

You can take lessons with flamenco masters (the one with Antonio Canales is promising!!!!), visit the Camarón Museum and go to exhibitions; taste the local gastronomy that is so famous, and rightly so; and, of course, sing and dance on every corner. In short, to share your passion for this art with others with the same passion as you.

More than 40 new and established artists

Aim for the aforementioned official inauguration, because the list of artists that you will be able to see live is scandalous: Jesús Méndez, Antonio Reyes, Paula Sierra, Claudia la Debla, Sandra Carrasco, David de Arahal, Antonio Lizana, Paco Moyano and Paco Guerrero, El Mawi, Ana Salazar, Emilio Florido, Alba Bazán, María Guerrero, Escuela de la Peña El Chato de la Isla, Paco Manano, Jesús de Luca, Carmen La Shica, Kukito Ochoa, Paula Moreno…

Yes, we know: we have to go. But if you have other plans, don’t worry. We will keep you informed and, from September, our channel will show you the best shows so that you can experience them at home as if you were in San Fernando.

La Isla Ciudad Flamenca
From 21 July to 31 August
San Fernando (Cadiz), La Isla de Camarón.
Visit the Camaron museum:
All about the festival:

Pedro el Granaino opens the festival.

Pedro el Granaino inaugura el festival.

Program of the Venta de Vargas.

Programa de la Venta de Vargas.

Jesús Méndez acts "ready to give it his all".

Jesús Méndez actúa dispuesto "a dejarse la piel".

Official poster of La Isla Flamenco City

Cartel oficial de La Isla Ciudad Flamenca

Video presentation of La Isla Flamenco City

To the left of these lines, the great video of the festival to whet your appetite; below these lines, a link to a show by Rancapino chico from the 2022 edition that you can see in full as a rental or as part of your subscription with ALL FLAMENCO. Enjoy!