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Flamenco dancing shoes

Personalised flamenco shoes: Don Flamenco

This shop from Madrid has been making professional flamenco shoes for dancers from all over the world since 1962. They also manufacture semi-professionals for beginners. Their catalogue has more than 180 models with 4 types of fabrics: leather, suede, patent leather and fantasy, with colour variations of 117 between all the fabrics, and they claim to have the largest variety of flamenco shoes in this field.

With tradition: Ole tus zapatos

At Ole tus zapatos they have been making dancing shoes since 1950.. Although they also have models for walking, their speciality is models for professionals (like those of La Lupi, in the picture) and amateurs.

Ole tus zapatos

Where to find it

C/ Maestre de Calatrava, 12.
Málaga. Spain

La Lupi, flamenco shoes
Modelo Matilde Coral


C/ Córdoba, 9.
Sevilla. Spain

Academy specialists: Roberto Garrudo

A classic brand that, for example, has worn shoes for the students of the famous Matilde Coral school. They are masters at customising shoes and tell us that it is a craft that takes about 60 days to complete.

Shoes Matilde Coral

Choosing the right flamenco shoes

Is there anything more characteristic of flamenco dance than the nailed shoe? Investing in a quality flamenco shoe will make it easier for you to learn and will help you to advance, as explained by the experts at

Remember that your feet are in constant movement while you dance and well-designed shoes with top quality materials will distribute your weight better, so that your spine, knees and ankles don’t suffer. Not to mention that you’ll get much less tired! In addition, a well-designed heel, with the right height and a good fit, will make every movement easier and prevent sprains and twists.

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