The Pasarela Larios de Málaga has delivered its prestigious Alfiler de Oro to the firm Lina 1960, a pioneer in bringing flamenco dresses to the Spanish catwalks.

Estrella Morente put an end to the Flamenco On Fire festival.

Yesterday, the 15th, the world of flamenco dresses of the firm Lina 1960, better known as Lina or Lina Sevilla, received the Golden Pin 2023. It was in the framework of the XII Edition of the Pasarela Larios Málaga Fashion Week.

Mila and Irene, the daughters of the founder (who died in 2021), collected the award excitedly and vindicating the great present and future of flamenco fashion.

Ruffles, fringes and blanket

They say that the catwalk that Malaga Fashion Week extends over Calle Larios is the longest in the world thanks to its 350 meters. Surely to the more than 15,000 guests on the blue carpet this detail seems lucky. So you can see the designs of great thimble artists in much more detail.

Larios Footbridge in the center of Malaga

Pasarela Larios en el centro de Málaga

The Lina 1960 parade was the last to step on the catwalk yesterday. The most anticipated and applauded.

After their flamenco dresses sported shawls, fringes, embroidery and low ruffles (one of the innovations that have made the brand famous), Lina’s daughters picked up this year’s Golden Pin, entering an exclusive list of designers that includes Agatha Ruiz de la Prada and Victorio and Lucchino.

Mila Montero, Executive Director of Lina 1960

Mila Montero, Directora Ejecutiva de Lina 1960

Rocío has been the Creative Director for more than 10 years.

Rocío es la Directora Creativa desde hace más de 10 años.

Handmade but very wearable flamenco dresses

Lina was founded in Seville by Francisco Montero and Marcelina Fernández in 1960. Soon, the modernity that Marcelina (Lina) printed on the flamenco dresses of always made her designs the most sought after by the artists of the tablaos, but also by Hollywood stars during the Andalusian fairs.

Grace Kelly dressed as Lina in 1966

Grace Kelly vestida de Lina en 1966

Lina, founder of the brand in 1960.

Lina, fundadora de la marca en 1960.

Rosalia Motomami

Rosalía con bata de cola de Lina de 12 metros

Robe for Joaquín Cortes of 9 meters

Bata para Joaquín Cortes de 9 metros

The flamenco dress in Lina’s hands had a higher neckline, lower the volate -to stylize the figure- and looser fringes. He added exquisite handcrafted embroidered details and gave prominence to the Manila shawl, hats, combs and headdresses.

From Queen Sofia to Isabel Pantoja, from Rocío Jurado to the Duchess of Alba, at the April Fair “los linas” are sold like churros. Therefore, it is the date chosen to present a new collection every year.

At the beginning of this, the classic lines were the protagonists of the collection “The sky of Seville”, of which we leave you these images and a video recorded during its official presentation.

Lina Sevilla Sky
Lina's flamenco dresses
Lina's flamenco dresses

The works made for the world of cinema, flamenco shows, theater or song make the firm manage to capture in its collections a unique artistic, aesthetic and cultural essence.