Vargas & Brûlé on Flamenco Fridays in Barakaldo

Flamenco Fridays begin in Barakaldo (Bizkaia) until November 10. Today he presents a premiere in Euskadi, Origen, by Vargas & Brûlé.

Vargas & Brûlé on Flamenco Fridays in Barakaldo

Within the Flamenco Fridays that are celebrated in Barakaldo (Bizkaia), on September 29 we can see Vargas & Brûlé. The two artists form a team in constant creative harmony, fusing flamenco and dance with a unique artistic language. With a complicity that has been maintained for more than 16 years, they have made almost a thousand presentations and received twenty awards for their 14 original shows. His work is a fundamental part of the most outstanding programs in the artistic world.

After their last production, “Los cuerpos celestes”, where they took their imaginary to the confines of cosmic space, Vargas & Brûlé return to earth with “Origen”, a work that pays homage to rural life and highlights its cultural poetics.

In “Origen”, which premieres in Euskadi on the occasion of Flamenco Fridays in Barakaldo, they bring together a unique and picturesque cast composed of seven artists who invoke those who preceded us through dance and music, in a reflection on the cycles of life and the ephemeral nature of these. Without losing its characteristic artistic language, the Sevillian company takes a step forward in its extensive career, inviting the viewer to stop and appreciate the value of small things and the richness of the essential.

*PAD Awards of the Andalusian Dance: BEST SHOW AND BEST PERFORMER (Carmen Muñoz)

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