Tomasito at Flamenco On Fire

Flamenco On Fire turns the province of Navarre into a wonderful flamenco festival. On the 27th, the personality of Tomasito takes over the festival.

Tomasito at Flamenco On Fire

Flamenco On Fire is one of the flamenco festivals with the best reception and repercussion on a national and international level in recent years. It is held in Pamplona from 25 to 27 August, celebrating its 10th anniversary. Its organisers explain that its purpose is to recover the name and work of the Navarrese Agustín Castellón Campos Sabicas.

This event has two main aspects: a free street programme (open-air recitals, workshops, exhibitions, round tables…) and large-format shows, hosted by major theatres in Navarre. These include Farruquito, Vicente Soto Sordera, La Tremendita, Alejandro Hurtado, Estrella Morente and Miguel Poveda, among others.

Slightly more casual is the part called Escenario Siglo XX, with performances by Soleá Morente and Tomasito. At night, in Ciclo Nocturno, the festival turns into a tablao and the performances are more group-based. And, perhaps the most colourful part of the festival are the performances in the streets, corners and courtyards, for which this year they have the singing of Guadiana and the guitar playing of Jesús Carbonell.

El día 27 de agosto, nos fijamos en el recital de Tomasito en pamplona, donde lleva su último disco, Agustisimísimo, puramente Tomasito en estado de gracia para hacer de la canción por rumbas, tanguillos y bulerías efímeros himnos que gustan más allá de la frontera del flamenco. In short, a party starring the person who made Lola Flores go crazy with her panache. From the 1990s onwards, he also reached large audiences with his Soy un limón, Camino del hoyo and el baile de un robot acompasado which found success with the public.


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