Kika Quesada al baile en el Sacromonte

Kika Quesada in Sacromonte

Kika Quesada's dancing has duende, and if the setting is the caves of Sacromonte, even more so. Singing, Manuel Heredia.

Kika Quesada in Sacromonte

On 2 August, the Museo del Sacromonte (Granada) began the cycle of flamenco dancing in the caves. And on the 16th, it will be Kika Quesada who will be on the premises to display her good dancing. A dance that is practised with the elegance, temperament and strength of the purest flamenco, combined with a great mastery of rhythm and meter. Manuel Heredia on vocals, Palometas on guitar and Antonio Cortés on percussion.

Along with flamenco dancing, Kika Quesada has a second passion closely related to it: teaching flamenco dancing.

Currently, she is in charge of the direction and teaching of the municipal flamenco dance group of “Cenes de la Vega” and “Pinos Genil”, collaborating as a teacher in the flamenco school Mariquilla.

She herself trained partly at this school, as well as beginning her studies with the dancer Marichú.


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