José Mercé at CaixaBank Madrid Live Experience

"Oripandó" is the album of flamenco singing that can be enjoyed in the concert that José Mercé gives today at CaixaBank Live Experience.

José Mercé at CaixaBank Madrid Live Experience

José Mercé at CaixaBank Madrid Live Experience with his album “Oripandó” performs this October 1st.

He is one of the best flamenco singers of our time, whose name has been engraved in the history of this musical genre.

With more than forty years of experience, his unique voice and unmistakable style have earned him the recognition of critics and audiences around the world.

“El Oripandó” by José Mercé is the result of a long and intense work of conceptualization, composition and production with Antonio Orozco.

The Barcelona musician has distilled in it two and a half years of conversations and confidences with the singer from Cádiz and his family. It is a work of marked biographical character that transfers that intimate dialogue to those who listen. Life itself, with the good and the bad, encapsulated in eight themes of unmistakable flamenco substrate that overflow formal, generic and sonic frameworks.

José Mercé at CaixaBank Live Experience will propose a journey from darkness to dawn – that’s what “Oripandó” means in Caló – and concludes with an open ending – “Alegría” – that invites us to continue the journey to extract the best from that often inexplicable and terrifying miracle that is existence.

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