Juanlu Montoya and Fran Cortés in Flamenkedada 2023

Before the beginning of the cante jondo festival in Mairena de Alcor, the youngsters have an appointment with Flamenkadada, flamenco fusion.

Juanlu Montoya and Fran Cortés in Flamenkedada 2023

Flamenkedada is the prelude to the LXII Festival de Cante Jondo Antonio Mairena which starts on 28 August. This is a flamenco fusion event to be held on the night of the 25th with performances by Juanlu Montoya and Fran Cortés. The idea is to bring flamenco to a younger audience, as well as to “cover” a more innovative aspect of flamenco that is not played in the competition that follows.

The truth is that the Mairena Town Hall, which organises this event, is very concerned that its town should be the centre of flamenco all year round. It develops a complete programme that includes the Viernes Jondos, in collaboration with the Casa del Arte Flamenco Antonio Mairena, or Al Cante en la Escuela, which is a pedagogical project with the aim of integrating the knowledge of flamenco in the classroom, using it as a learning tool. In addition, it promotes seminars, exhibitions, the Exaltation of the Saeta…

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