Festival of Homage to “El Emigrante”.

XXIV Gran Festival Homenaje a "El Emigrante", with Carmen Tena, Joaquin Muñino and Manuel Cribaño "El Niño de Peñaflor".

Festival of Homage to “El Emigrante”.

The Peña Cultural Flamenca de Don Benito has hosted the traditional Festival of Tribute to the Emigrant since 1979. A festival whose line-up this year features the voices of Manuel Cribaño and Carmen Tena, with the guitar of Joaquín Muñino.

Cribaño will be in charge of offering the most orthodox cante, while Carmen Tena will give voice to the copla and will star in a nod to flamenco with Muñino.

From 10 p.m. onwards in the courtyard of the city’s Municipal Centre of Associations in a show with free admission.

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