Festival Flamenco de Cante de Ogíjares

Ogíjares Flamenco Singing Festival

The Ogíjares festival is a stage for great artists, yes, but also for future promises, not only of cante, but also of baile and toque.

Ogíjares Flamenco Singing Festival

Ogíjares celebrates a new edition of one of the oldest and most prestigious cultural events in the province of Granada: the Ogíjares Flamenco Singing Festival. The contest was scheduled for September 2, but was delayed to September 16. Previously, a whole weekend was held, but the 43rd edition is only one day.

A few months ago, the Junta de Andalucía declared this festival an Event of Tourist Interest. One of the characteristics of the Festival de Cante Flamenco de Ogíjares is that it serves as a point of reference within flamenco purism and as a means of visibility for new promises.

It is held in the fairgrounds of Parque San Sebastián. However, the poster is one of the most important of the Ogíjares Flamenco Festival. It will count with great figures of the cante as Arcángel, Julian Estrada, Antonia Contreras, Pedro the Granaíno and Antonio Gómez the Turry. In addition, the public will be able to enjoy the outstanding presence of famous tocaores (flamenco guitarists) such as Miguel Ángel Cortés, Manuel Silveria, Juan Ramón Caro, Fermín Fernández and Antonio de Patrocinio.

The dancer Eva Esquivel and her international touring group will be in charge of offering the audience a magical dance show. This year, in addition, the singer-songwriter José Domínguez Muñoz El Cabrero will be honoured for his successful career. The dancer Eva Esquivel and her international touring group will be in charge of offering the public a magical dance show.

Organised and supported by the Ayuntamiento de Ogíjares and the Peña Eva Garrido La Yerbabuena, the Junta de Andalucía and the Diputación de Granada. Ogíjares is known as the Villa of Music.


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