El Búcaro Flamenco Singing Festival: 40th birthday

The Festival de Cante Flamenco El Búcaro celebrates 40 years celebrating this art in La Rinconada (Seville). Antonio Reyes is its headliner.

El Búcaro Flamenco Singing Festival: 40th birthday

This September 22, the patio of the Hacienda Santa Cruz is again loaded with duende to receive the cantaor Antonio Reyes, headliner of the Festival de Cante Flamenco El Búcaro. He is accompanied on guitar by Antonio Carrión.

Antonio has a unique talent that has already received the Giraldillo at the Seville Biennial, the Manolo Caracol and Antonio Mairena award at the National Competition of Córdoba and two Latin Grammy nominations.

The line-up is completed by Ezequiel Benítez, also accompanied by Carrión; there will also be the Extremaduran José El Fraile with the guitarist Manuel Herrera senior, in addition to the local cantaor Miguel Gallardo with the touch of Juan Quirós. To the palms, Concha and María Carrión.

This 2023 is a very special appointment for the El Búcaro Flamenco Singing Festival, as it is the 40th anniversary of this emblematic event organized by the El Búcaro club and the City Council of La Rinconada (Seville). So nothing better than dedicating it to a great as is Curro Malena, who died in May of this year.

The Peña El Búcaro

In 1983, a group of friends who were united by their love for flamenco went to the countryside to enjoy a good meal, sing and play. Around them, a bucaro with fresh drink that was passing, while the fandangos, soleás or seguiriyas flooded those meetings. Thus arose the Peña Flamenca El Búcaro, which that same year celebrated its first festival, and which today, four decades later, is a reference event in the province of Seville.

Many have been the spaces of the municipality that have hosted the Festival of El Búcaro in these years, from the Capitol Cinema, the Castañita pool, El Cáñamo, the Púa school, the La Villa Theater and, in recent years, the Hacienda Santa Cruz, which has given the definitive accolade with a location that is already a hallmark for cante jondo and that loads even more of duende this appointment with the Flamenco.

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