Esperanza Fernández at the Flamenco Art Festival

Esperanza Fernández performs in Jaén in a recital of her best singing. This Sevillian singer is one of the voices of the moment.

Esperanza Fernández at the Flamenco Art Festival

The cantaora Esperanza Fernández performs on 5 August in the Municipal Auditorium of Pegalajar, as part of the Andalucía-flamenco brand, offering a flamenco recital in the 55th Festival de Arte Flamenco of this municipality in Jaén.

The Sevillana is currently one of the leading voices in flamenco singing. He has inherited it. Born in the Triana neighbourhood, Esperanza Fernández belongs to a family of important cantaores, guitarists and bailaores (flamenco dancers). She has flamenco in her veins, which, together with her privileged singing abilities and her artistic versatility, has made it possible for her to have the ideal conditions to lend her voice to heterogeneous and multiple musical aesthetics.

In this way, his artistic career includes names such as Yehudi Menuhin, Rafael Frübeck de Burgos, Mauricio Sotelo, Edmon Colomer, Rosa Torres Pardo, Ángel Gil Ordóñez, Myriam Makeba, Enrique Morente, Noa, Edward Simmons, Juan de Udaeta, Rafael Riqueni, Kiko Veneno, José Miguel Évora… And ensembles such as Trio Accanto, Perspectives Ensemble (New York), Lim (Madrid), Orquesta Nacional de España, Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, Orquesta Nacional de Brasil or The Wesleyan Ensemble of the Americas.

The Pegalajar Flamenco Art Festival has been held since 1969 and is organised by the Peña Flamenca de Pegalajar.


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