La bailaora Águeda Saavedra

“Venero”, by the dancer Águeda Saavedra

"Venero", by the dancer Águeda Saavedra, arrives in Seville, Revelation Prize of the Jerez Festival in 2022. He is accompanied by Juan Campallo, Jesús Corbacho and Pepe de Pura.

“Venero”, by the dancer Águeda Saavedra

In Venero, the dancer Águeda Saavedra has the opportunity to exhibit, along with her impeccable technique, the breadth of her energetic and passionate dance, which combines both feminine and masculine elements. It also demonstrates his ability to move from the luminosity of the joys to the dark drama of the seguiriyas.

In this, her first work, the artist born in Nerja wanted to go a step further by capturing in her dance the illusions of her childhood, the emotions of her youth and the hopes of the mature woman.

To carry out this purpose, he had the stage direction of Mercedes de Córdoba and the precise and brilliant music of Juan Campallo, which adapted to each of the emotions. In addition, the singing of Jesús Corbacho and Pepe de Pura, who not only caress her with their voices, but also evoke the image of the innocent girl she carries with her.

Venero, indisputably, marks a significant turn in Águeda Saavedra’s career, like a spring that flows happily, unaware of the depths it can reach.

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