Anabel Valencia cantaora

Anabel Valencia in the Peña Flamenco Valeriano Bernal

Pure flamenco is the essence of Anabel Valencia's singing, who performs at the Peña Valeriano Bernal with free admission.

Anabel Valencia in the Peña Flamenco Valeriano Bernal

The Circuito Andaluz de Peñas 2023, endorsed by the Andalucía-flamenco brand, will be held in the province of Cádiz between 10 June and 18 November. On 5 August the cantaora Anabel Valencia performs in the Peña Flamenca Valeriano Bernal, in Algodonales.

Anabel Valencia was born in Lebrija, in the heart of one of the cantaora families par excellence. From a very young age he stood out among the cantaores of his generation, giving his way of expressing the cante a touch of mysticism that brings to mind the great masters of other eras.

Her debut as a solo cantaora was in the Caracolá Lebrijana 2008 with an outstanding success that led her to collaborate in shows such as Girvanado and En Clave Valencia, by José Valencia, among others. Anabel Valencia has toured the best national festivals as a soloist, achieving unprecedented success.

She was acclaimed in La Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla in 2014 in the show Cantaoras. The pure is king. He would return to this stage in 2018, when he performed a solo recital highlighted by all the press as one of the best performances programmed in this show. He has been defending pure flamenco for more than 20 years.

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