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Enjoy again the best of Festival de Jerez and more of the best flamenco anywhere anytime.

Jerez Festival Promo

Latest News 2020 Jerez Festival

2020 Jerez Festival

Our entire team is enjoying the 4k recordings we are making of this year’s Jerez Festival performances.

This is the programme of artists and performances of this edition.

2020 Jerez Festival Programme

Date Time Place Artist Performance
February 21st 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Rafaela Carrasco Company Ariadna (Al hilo del mito)
February 21st 11:59 pm González Byass Winery El Cabrero Ni rienda ni jierro encima
February 22nd 6:00 pm Sala Compañía Various Turin International Genuine Flamenco Dance Contest Final
February 22nd 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Antonio El Pipa Company Estirpe
February 22nd 11:59 pm González Byass Winery Rafael Riqueni Herencia
February 23rd 7:00 pm Sala Compañía Maise Márquez – Gabriel Matías 2019 Turin de la Frontera Contest Winners
February 23rd 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Farru Por un sueño
February 24th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Paula Comitre Cámara Abierta
February 24th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre María Moreno De la concepción
February 25th 7:00 pm Sala Compañía Luisa Palicio Tempus
February 25th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Shoji Kojima Company Lorca X Bach
February 26th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Carmen Herrera La luz que me alumbra
February 26th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Olga Pericet Un cuerpo infinito
February 27th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Juan Diego Mateos and Belén Maya Ni tú ni yo
February 27th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Sara Baras Flamenco Ballet Sombras
February 27th 11:59 pm González Byass Winery David Carpio Singing Recital, De La Raíz Cycle
February 28th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Juan Diego Mateos and Belén Maya Ni tú ni yo
February 28th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Manuel Liñán Company ¡Viva!
February 28th 11:59 pm González Byass Winery Miguel Lavi Viejos retales
February 29th 12:00 pm Santo Domingo Cloisters Jerez, The Buleria Experience Al Compás del Barrio de Santiago
February 29th 1:30 pm Santo Domingo Cloisters Saray García El sentir de un pueblo
February 29th 5:00 pm Santo Domingo Cloisters Antonio Carrasco (Nono Jero) and Manuel Carrasco (Jerito) El toque de los Jero
February 29th 7:00 pm Santo Domingo Cloisters El Marsellés, José Lérida, Paco Vea and more guest artists Flamenco De Fiesta
February 29th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Mercedes Ruiz, Eduardo Guerrero , María Moreno,  María Terremoto Gala Cádiz-Jerez
February 29th 11:59 pm Santo Domingo Cloisters Pepe del Morao Cuna del Arte
March 1st 1:00 pm Santo Domingo Cloisters Daniel Doña Psique
March 1st 6:00 pm Sala Paúl Paco Jarana Flamencorio
March 1st 7:00 pm Sala Compañía Francisco Hidalgo Flamenco Company Ver, oír, bailar
March 1st 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Andrés Peña and Pilar Ogalla Por cuatro reales
March 2nd 6:00 pm Villavicencio Palace María Vargas Singing Recital, Los Conciertos de Palacio Cycle
March 2nd 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Hiniesta Cortés Mi sentir
March 2nd 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Mercedes De Córdoba Ser, Ni Contigo Ni Sin Mi
March 3rd 7:00 pm Sala Compañía Noelia Sabarea Las Quijanas – Las Cuatro Locuras De Quijote
March 3rd 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre La Lupi Flamenco Company Lenguaje Oculto
March 4th 6:00 pm Villavicencio Palace Mateo Soleá Singing Recital, Los Conciertos de Palacio Cycle
March 4th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Mujerklórica. José Manuel León and Alicia Carrasco Los bienes de la tierra
March 4th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Marco Flores Company Rayuela
March 5th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Fernando Jiménez Conmigo
March 5th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Estevez/Paños and Company El Sombrero
March 6th 6:00 pm Villavicencio Palace Alfonso Carpio Fernández “Mijita” El Palacio de Cristal
March 6th 7:00 pm Sala Paúl Cristina Aguilera De Agua, Plata y Tierra
March 6th 9:00 pm Sala Compañía Ángel Muñoz Iberias
March 7th 5:00 pm Sala Paúl Various Javier Latorre’s Choreography Workshop Open Final
March 7th 7:00 pm Sala Compañía Ángel Muñoz Iberias
March 7th 9:00 pm Villamarta Theatre Spanish National Ballet “Invocación Bolera” (Rubén Olmo)
“Jauleña” (Rubén Olmo)
“Eterna Ibérica” (Antonio Najarro)
“De Lo Flamenco” Homenaje A Mario Maya Estreno

2019 Jerez Festival

The 2019 Jerez Festival featured 50 shows and offered 49 courses, master classes and workshops to students from all over the world. Unforgettable performances were given by artists such as Marco Flores, José de la Tomasa, Ana Morales, among many others.

In this edition we remember “Anónimo”, the show by David Coria that won the Audience Award; Concha Jareño who toured the world with her “Flamenco Recital” after opening it at the festival and Felipa del Moreno who premiered “Jerezaneando”, her first solo album.

2018 Jerez Festival

The 2018 Jerez Festival brought together more than 34,500 spectators and participants from five continents to speak the same language, flamenco. In this edition we remember “Vamo’ allá”, a show by Flamenconautas, choreographed by Javier Latorre, that can be seen exclusively in ALL FLAMENCO.

Other memorable performances were Rafaela Carrasco, who demonstrated her creative potential with “Nacida sombra”, a show that received the Critics Award 2018 and María Terremoto with “Raíces”, a concert where she made it clear she would be an important flamenco voice.

What is the Jerez Festival?

For 24 years, Jerez de la Frontera has had a special place for flamenco lovers. The Andalusian city celebrates the annual Jerez Flamenco Festival where training and entertainment is offered.

For two weeks, between February and March, great masters give courses and workshops to trainees from all over the world. At the same time, shows starring the most important figures of flamenco culture touch the hearts of the public in the Villamarta Theatre, the Sala Compañía, the Sala Paúl and the Palacio Villavicencio.

The Jerez Festival is a major attraction for any flamenco artist and for fans of this culture. Today, the capacity of the event can exceed a thousand people, including students and the general public. This is obviously thanks to the quality of the event which is surpassed every year and also thanks to its extensive dissemination facilitated by technology.

Going back to its origins, the scenario was different. Historically, the Jerez Festival dates back to 1963, when the International Flamenco Courses organised by the city’s Chair of Flamencology began. For more than 30 years, its name was “Flamenco en Jerez”. These courses became so important that they were included in the national program of the Festivals of Spain.

The first shows took place in the courtyard of the Real Alcázar Mosque, precisely because that was where the first seat of the Chair of Flamencology was located. At that time, the dissemination of the event was done by mail to the Spanish embassies, consulates and tourist offices. Year after year new fans from all over the world were arriving, both to take courses and to attend the performances. In a second stage, the venue was moved to a magnificent location ceded by the wine company Domecq, to finally stop at the present main venue, the great Villamarta Theatre.

It was in 1997 when it took its current name, Festival Flamenco de Jerez, and since then the history of the flamenco world continues to be written in Andalusia.

Masterful figures such as Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, Isabel Bayón, David Coria, María Pagés, Rubén Olmo, Javier Latorre, Rocío Molina, Eva Yerbabuena, Israel Galván, David Lagos, Rafaela Carrasco, Marco Flores, among many others, have left their mark on the tablaos. Talent abounds and always surprises. It can’t be any other way when these vocalists, dancers, guitar players and other musicians leave their heart, soul and life behind demonstrating the true essence of this art form.

After 24 years, this long-awaited event continues to welcome artists with great careers, as well as new talent, from the most classical and traditional performances to daring contemporary productions. What is unquestionable is that the passion made flamenco is lived in Jerez.