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Who is the bailaora of the ALL FLAMENCO theme tune?

She is the image of ALL FLAMENCO's new theme tune. A dancer with duende, with flamenco features, ideal for a channel dedicated entirely to flamenco. She started dancing flamenco when she was only 3 years old.


She is the image of ALL FLAMENCO's new theme tune. A dancer with duende, with flamenco features, ideal for a channel dedicated entirely to flamenco. She started dancing flamenco when she was only 3 years old. At the age of 8 she danced for a week at the Rastrillo Nuevo Futuro in Madrid where she met the Royal Family and danced for Queen Sofia and Princess Leticia. 

In 2015 with 14 years in a master class with the dancer Antonio Canales, obtained by request of the teacher a diploma for the outstanding student. And since that year she gives a more professional approach to her career, working more, thinking about her future as a dancer, with more discipline, with more sacrifice. 

She is currently working on several shows such as "Flamenco Puro" or "Alma" with her friend and teacher David Nieto, one of the great dancers of the moment. The latter is a work full of feelings that will soon be on show at ALL FLAMENCO.

We talked to Paula Sierra, to meet the new image of ALL FLAMENCO's tune.

A.F.- How has your summer been?

 P.S.- My summer has gone too well I would say. With lots of galas, lots of work. It is true that it has been an accumulation of feelings at the same time. With rehearsals, classes, preparing everything for the performances, nerves before going on stage, because of the responsibility, very tired, but after all I feel very happy with everything I am achieving, with all my work and my people's work. And it is very gratifying. 

A.F.- What is flamenco for you? 

P.S.- For me today it's my life, it's part of it. I've been learning since I was 3 years old,

I've been learning, training and always in the studio. With my personal ups and downs towards my future as a dancer, but I have never stopped and I don't think I will ever stop dancing. It is my passion and my work. I consider myself a very hard worker, humble and creative. 

A.F.- What has it been like for you to be the new image of ALL Flamenco? 

P.S.- When they proposed it to me I was very happy, for me it was like a challenge, steps that I was climbing and to be the image of this great flamenco channel is very important for me. ALL FLAMENCO has a great variety of good flamenco and to see great artists, their shows, is ideal. As a dancer you learn and enjoy watching ALL FLAMENCO.  I worked on "La sintonía" for ALL FLAMENCO with guitarist Adriano Lozano, those were exciting days. We recorded in a beautiful place, in the Bay of Cádiz, on the pier of Bahía Sur. A great job by everyone, including ALL FLAMENCO of course.

A.F.- Antonio Canales noticed you, what was it like? 

P.S.- For me it was a very nice experience. I was there for three days, it was an intense course, with a lot of learning and moments lived. Thanks to my family I did the course, who are always helping me and doing everything possible to keep working on my passion, which is dancing flamenco. And that is the reason why I wake up every day and keep on dancing. 

With Antonio I had a wonderful time, he was the one who changed the way I saw the world of flamenco dancing. He taught me that nobody was going to give me anything for free and that I had to put all my passion, desire, sacrifice and hard work into it. You don't just start dancing on your own and that's it. 

I identified a lot with Antonio's dancing and I remember that I put so much attitude into it that I got a diploma for the outstanding student. That day Antonio Canales, who at that time worked a lot with Flamenco de la Isla, told Chico Javier "Esa niña baila, esa niña lo tiene lo (el duende, la chispa)". From that day on he started working with me. So that course was a before and after in my career as a dancer. 

A.F.- What does the mythical Venta de Vargas mean to you? 

P.S.- It is very important to me. Since I was very young my dream was to be able to dance at Venta de Vargas, great artists have always performed there. Once I started working with Flamenco de la Isla, when I was only 14 years old, I performed for the first time in that emblematic place. A stage where I learnt a lot, to have more experience, to improvise, to put all my learning into practice. Nowadays I work practically every week at Venta de Vargas, I also run the Flamenco Group of Venta de Vargas. I will always be grateful to everyone at Venta de Vargas for their work and dedication, especially to Lolo Picardo, owner of Venta de Vargas, who opened the doors of his house to me from a very young age and trusted me. 

A.F.- What are your current projects? 

 P.S.- My projects are to continue studying, learning from everyone, to continue at the Patricia Ibáñez School in Jerez. 

For the last few months I have been giving flamenco classes for beginners, low and medium levels, giving the best of myself to all my students in the dance studio.

And to take to many cities my solo shows "Flamenco Puro" and dance recital, and the one I work with my partner David Nieto, the show "Alma". To make our shows known to more people.