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Tacón Flamenco, the first flamenco dance competition in Catalonia is born

ALL FLAMENCO encourages and promotes the first flamenco dance competition "Tacón Flamenco" in Catalonia


Spanish flamenco music

Flamenco music or flamenco is a Spanish art form with Andalusian roots that has reached all corners of the world, here we tell you about its origins.


Johanna Calderón, the buttons return to Feria de Abril

The Feria de Abril is back and flamenco fashion designers like Johanna Calderon are celebrating


Complements for flamenco dancing

Flamenco dancing requires attitude and enthusiasm, but also some essential accessories to show your art on the tablao. This post of ALL FLAMENCO tells you what they are.



Every flamenco lover knows who Manuel Muñoz, better known as Manolo Sanlúcar, is. Born in a flamenco environment, everything presaged that he would become a prodigy of the flamenco guitar and a great artist. And so he is.



He triumphed at the 15th edition of the Festival de Jerez with his cante de "alante", we delve into the roots of Alfredo Tejada, a Granaíno by adoption.


Who is the bailaora of the ALL FLAMENCO theme tune?

She is the image of ALL FLAMENCO's new theme tune. A dancer with duende, with flamenco features, ideal for a channel dedicated entirely to flamenco. She started dancing flamenco when she was only 3 years old.


Ana Morales, touched by the magic wand of art

It is said that Ana Morales was born touched by the magic wand of art, although she owes much of what she is to having had the privilege of learning and meeting the great masters of flamenco. Find out more about her roots in this post on our blog.



Born into a lineage of geniuses, Pepe del Morao is a prolific guitarist who has nothing to envy from the members of his dynasty. Find out more about his career in this post