Velada de las Nieves

Titi Flores in Velada de las Nieves

Titi Flores performs on the 3rd at the Velada Flamenca de las Nieves, the second oldest flamenco festival in Andalusia, held in the "city of poets".

Titi Flores in Velada de las Nieves

This year, the Flamenco Festival will be held on 3 and 4 August and the poster is the work of the artist Rafael Roldán Mancheño. This Velada de las Nieves festival is in honour of the Patron Saint of Arcos, who on the 5th is honoured with a procession through the streets of the town.

On Thursday 3 August, from 22:00 in the atrium of Santa María, Titi Flores will perform with Tañé, Regina Blue, Gabriel Calderón and Sonia Flores, and from 23:15 in the atrium of San Pedro, there will be a musical performance by Ana Barba with the guitarist Adán Caro, and Miguel Ángel Parra with the guitar of Enrique Duarte.

But stay if you plan to go to the Velada de las Nieves, because on the 4th, after presenting the Gold Medal of the Festival to Francisco Garrido Oca, Tía Juana la del Pipa will perform with the guitar of Manuel Parrilla, Vicente Soto ‘Sordera’ and the guitarist Vicente Santiago, Antonio ‘Agujetas Chico’ with the guitar of Nono Jero, Manuel de Cantarote with the guitarist Manuel de Julia, and Beatriz Morales, who will be in charge of the fin de fiesta.


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