The world of the fan in Spain, online seminar

If you want to know everything about the fan, its history, the meanings of its position or how it is preserved, this webinar is for you.

The world of the fan in Spain, online seminar

This webinar was held yesterday the 19th and, today, it is repeated, in case you could not connect online. Because yes, it is via web and without cost. “The world of the fan in Spain” aims to provide a perspective from a historical and artistic point of view, as well as to disseminate this type of work so characteristic of Spanish heritage. It is about publicizing the range in all its formal, historical, and typological extensions and disseminating the collections of these works preserved in public and private institutions in Spain.

We will discuss the most common alterations presented by these three-dimensional, mobile and valuable works, and how to preserve these fragile materials. There will also be the experience of artists who continue to make and design fans in a traditional way.

The activity is free, but is subject to prior registration through the following link:

To participate it is necessary to have the Zoom videoconferencing application. People admitted to the activity will receive the link/invitation to access the conferences virtually. A maximum of 400 participants are admitted.

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