Flamenco On Fire Festival: homage to Manolo Caracol

Navarre dresses up in "Flamenco On Fire", the liveliest festival of the summer. On the 23rd, a date with the greats by Manolo Caracol.

Flamenco On Fire Festival: homage to Manolo Caracol

The Flamenco On Fire Festival kicks off on 18 August and on the 29th a tribute to Manolo Caracol will take place in Tudela. The reason is that it is the 50th anniversary of the death of Manolo Caracol in 2023, one of the most important flamenco artists.

Together with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Navarra, conducted by the maestro Oliver Díaz, the cantaores Vicente Soto Sordera, Rosario La Tremendita and Antonio Reyes, under the artistic direction of David Lagos, revisit one of the most powerful legacies of flamenco heritage: its zambras and fandangos, the seguirillas, bulerías, soleares and other twists and forms that it created from classicism.

Vicente Soto Sordera, one of the participants in this tribute, worked in the tablao Los Canasteros with Manolo Caracol himself, who had a slight influence on him. Of course, not only Caracol, because Sordera comes from a flamenco family for generations and he himself has a career that goes back more than fifty years.

Antonio Reyes made his debut in Jerez as a child. He did it with Sordera on the same stage. In his cante there is a snail-like aftertaste that is, in turn, echoed by Camarón or Juanito Villa.

Rosario La Tremendita, for her part, has broken the mould. The daughter of the Tremendo de Triana began her career in the most classical style. It evolved with its forms, it collided with other sounds, such as the
punk and electronica, and today he sings flamenco with half a shaved head, a bass guitar in his hands and lyrics by
his own authorship.

“Una historia del cantaor”, which alludes to the anthology “Una historia del cante flamenco” (1958) recorded by Caracol for Hispavox, is a production of the On Fire festival that offers a particular perspective on the work of this brilliant creator.


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