Concierto de David Lagos

David Lagos concert in Seville

"Cantes del silencio" is a work that David Lagos thought to take to the stage. A new format but from the roots of flamenco.

David Lagos concert in Seville

“Cantes del silencio” is a show based on the singing of David Lagos that presents this 22 at the Central Theater of Seville. His voice delves into the field of narrative to save shameful episodes of Andalusian history from oblivion.

With the collaboration in the staging of David Coria and the musical complicity of Alejandro Rojas-Marco and Juan M. Jiménez, in this concert by David Lagos there will be songs such as El miedo, De Málaga a Almería or El Sur tiene su Guernica will remain forever printed on the spectator.

David Lagos has had the help of historian and anthropologist Miguel González to document his album and, in addition, his show.


David Lagos, vocals

Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, piano and harpsichord

Juan M. Jíménez, saxophone

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