Argentina en el Festival de Sevilla

Argentina with her Flamenco by cantaora (flamenco singer)

Andalucía.flamenco brings to Seville the splendid voice of Argentina, with whom we will experience a wide repertoire of flamenco styles.

Argentina with her Flamenco by cantaora (flamenco singer)

Argentina is one of the most powerful voices in flamenco today. An international artist who, despite her youth, has had the opportunity to perform at the most renowned flamenco festivals and in such famous auditoriums as the Hollywood Bowls in Los Angeles, the same one where, back in the 1940s, Carmen Amaya’s name was immortalised on the billboards alongside others such as the inimitable Frank Sinatra.

With truly exceptional faculties and an unbeatable compás, the Huelva-born cantaora has an extensive repertoire that she never ceases to expand, sometimes including other music such as Cuban son, salsa, Portuguese fado or Argentine tango, not to mention her gratifying experiences with various symphony orchestras.

In Flamenco por cantaora, however, accompanied by the splendid guitars of José Quevedo El Bola and Eugenio Iglesias, Argentina dives into flamenco roots to offer a range of cantes, as wide as the breath of her voice. Sometimes unusual songs, such as the cartagenera, the granaína or the petenera, which, taken from a tradition in which she never ceases to delve, become present as they pass through her privileged throat and through her commitment to the world in which she lives.

As those who are familiar with her will assume, this magnificent recital will not be lacking in the essence of her homeland: the fandangos of Huelva. With them, the artist adds to her extraordinary talents the experiences she has accumulated since she started singing in the peñas as a child, and she enjoys her art to the maximum, making those who listen to her enjoy it.

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