The night of August 27 has been magical, one of those full of elves. Estrella Morente has given an intimate recital surrounded by members of her family with which she has thrilled the audience of the Flamenco On Fire Festival.

Estrella Morente put an end to the Flamenco On Fire festival.

Estrella Morente puso fin al festival Flamenco On Fire.

The Bastion of Pamplona was filled with flamenco with Estrella Morente and his Desde la cuna. This concert is a journey to the center of childhood, to the origin of their memories. to the songs and music he has heard throughout his life.

Songs like La Estrella, the granaína called Eso nunca lo diré and a media granaína dedicated to the master guitarist Sabicas, have been a total success. All this with narrations, projections and a musical envelope in which he went into his family fabric: Morente, Granada and his own universe.

Estrella Morente surrounded by her family

Because in this recital she was accompanied by his own family. For hismother, Aurora Carbonell, who started with a lullaby. In addition, Antonio Carbonell, Ángel Gabarre, Victoria Carbonell, Remedios Heredia, José Carbonell Montoyita, José Carbonell Monty, Curro Conde Morente, Pedro Gabarre El Popo and Pedro Ricardo Miño. Estrella Morente said goodbye in a big way, and the audience thanked him with a standing ovation.

Estrella Morente Flamenco On Fire
Estrella Morente Flamenco On Fire

Tomasito in another stage end of party

Tomasito’s time at Flamenco On Fire was also triumphant. He did it in the Sala Zentral-Escenario Siglo XXI with the presentation of Agustisimísimo, his latest album. La puesta en escena de canciones como De Jerez a Plutón y los grandes éxitos de su repertorio: Soy un limón, por ejemplo. A rogue concert, dance music, rhythm, impossible lyrics and a whole capacity delivered. Tomasito was accompanied by Quique Romero (electric guitar), Chuemo (bass), Carlos Hidalgo (drums) and Juanchín de la Bahía (flamenco guitar).

Tomasito at Teatro Zentral during Flamenco on Fire

Tomasito en el Teatro Zentral durante Flamenco on Fire

And also closing of the “tablao”

Tablao On Fire served as the closing of the most ambitious of all editions of this festival. The tenth, the one that has occupied a greater number of days, activities and concerts, lighting the city with a special program to celebrate the occasion. The Hotel Tres Reyes was the stage in which the masters Cancanilla de Málaga, Enrique Pantoja, and Yeye de Cádiz squandered art, grace, and compass through singing and dancing. They did it with the guitar of Rafael Rodríguez El Cabeza, recreating themselves in the bulería and with space for more solemn songs, such as the soleá.

On the balconies of Pamplona

The festival has a program very close to the citizen through performances on emblematic balconies. On the last day, it was Luis El Zambo with the touch of Domingo Rubichi who performed on the balcony of the City Hall of Pamplona. As usual, the square looked crowded to taste its rhythmic and broken echo. A sample of ancestral art that ended in the form of bulerías. From the Hotel La Perla, meanwhile, Rycardo Moreno played and sang with Fernanda Peña, both from Lebrija. The young Víctor Franco took the opportunity to present his credentials with the sonanta from this same enclave.

Luis El Zambo and Domingo Rubichi on the balcony of Pamplona City Hall</p>

Luis El Zambo y Domingo Rubichi en el balcón del Ayuntamiento de Pamplona.

Guitar legends: Tomatito, Habichuela and Serranito

In the days Eterno Sabicas there was a memorable moment: the meeting of three masters of the guitar to delve into the ins and outs of the instrument. An exciting conversation between Pepe Habichuela, Víctor Monje Serranito and Tomatito, living legends, who closed this part of the festival.